February 2019
February 2019



Truth, facts and a bit of love,  that is DJ Kaito. One of the only pansexual rappers in Germany. He is diffrent than the rappers in the charts. With his style he speaks out what he things and is going back to the roots of HipHop and Rap.

Kaito already lives out his creative musical side in childhood. His love of music prompted him to use the YouTube platform in 2011.

Besides countless cover songs and mixes and the mixtape "DJ Kaito Nr.1", 2012 saw the release of "6. October (Day of the Nations)", an independent - and solo produced - single for the first time.

Due to the viral success of the music video, further mixtapes and EPs were released and a deal with Sony was offered. In 2013 Simon released the concept mixtape "Das Vermächniss der RST" which consists of syllables without meaning. Due to the interest of the fans in this kind of music, which from now on is known as RST, songs of this kind by Simon have been released until today. In 2020 the German YouTuber Tanzverbot made that style mainstream.

In 2015 the RST music video "Don't wanna be a Quader" from the Album "Best of DJK" became a viral hit.
After the success of the music video and the album, Simon set out on a dream come true: An own tour.

In May 2016 it was time: the "Mahnwachen Tour 2016" took place. One year later, the "STOPP RAMSTEIN Tour", which was also advertised on national TV chanal "Tele5", continued the success of the tour.
In the same year the album #LightningQuader appeared with a big promotion. It is still one of his most successful albums.

In the meantime, he collaborated with various artists such as Paula P'Cay, Sintakk, Diehlenbrothals or the music project WAMP.

At the beginning of 2018 Simon came out as maby the first German Rapper that is pansexual and retired great to have time for himself.  Despite this, he appeared on the 4th Nationwide pece vigil in Berlin.
Also in Hambug a live album was recorded, which released at the end of the year.

In 2019 he returned with the album "Signal kommt" which got attention outside Germany.
One year later his 2012 released Mix of "Revenge" became a suprising viral hit with ten-thousands of views in a short time.

A Aneversary Album called 10 YEARS was released in 2021 which was publily acclaimed by trade press.

At the end of 2011 he also founded the music project "Vier Sterne Deluxe" with his colleague and friend "DJ Sheldon", which has been released to this day with alternating cast, two albums and two EPs.


Beside the music

In addition to his passion for music, Kaito also discovered many other hobbies such as cycling, dancing, swimming, skating and painting.

After finishing secondary school he went to a business school and trained as an IT specialist for system integration. From 2016 till 2019 he was training as a retail salesman at a large bicycle company, today he is a professional sales and repairman at a local company with over 90 years of experiance in bikes.


In August 2015 Simon took over the German version of the YouTube Wiki and made it into a flagship of Wikia Germany and the German-language YouTube Communety. Since 2016 the user "SpacePucky" has been supporting him. From the beginning of August 2018 to 2019 he was only active there as a Social Media Manager.  He was on the road for the Wiki at various events to meet YouTubers. He is also involved into some otehr Wiki projects like the Dingo Pictures, Xbox and Phoenix Games Wikis.


Also he is collecting videogames.