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DJK - German TruthRap

Truth, facts and a bit of love,  that is DJ Kaito. One of the only pansexual rappers in Germany. He is diffrent than the rappers in the charts. With his style he speaks out what he things and is going back to the roots of HipHop and Rap.

The texts wake people up and talks about problems in the country and the world in all parts of humanity, and with his RST Songs he brings jo to every party.


With his song "6. October (Day of the Nation)" he had his first viral hit in 2012. In 2015 he repeated that with "Don't wanna be a Quader".

With his 2019 released album "Signal Kommt" he made an impact in the International trade press. In 2021 Singels out of his Best-Of-Album "10 YEARS" made in into US-Radio Charts and the top 100 Charts of Boomplay - peaked at No.3


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