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DJK - German TruthRap

Truth, facts and a bit of love,  that is DJ Kaito. One of the only pansexual rappers in Germany. He is diffrent than the rappers in the charts. With his style he speaks out what he things and is going back to the roots of HipHop and Rap.

The texts wake people up and talks about problems in the country and the world in all parts of humanity.


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Release: 1st January 2021 (Germany) / 15. June (Worldwide)

Welcome to 10 Years DJ Kaito, the new Best of Album.

DJ Kaitos career started 10 Years ago back in 2011. Join him and dive in to his best songs remade for this aniversary album.


The Album is availeble exclusive on CD and Pro-CDR on DJKaito.de (till 15. June), at the Vier Sterne Deluxe Records Direct Partners and on concerts.


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NO! to "Der Schweigemarsch"

Presspost by: Vier Sterne Deluxe Records

In the last days we got an E-Mail for a invite to a "Schweigemarsch" (Silent walk protest). Normally we are happy when we got invites for peacefull demonstrations and book our artists for this, but here is one big problem:

This is a protest against the COVID-19 rules.

We as a musiclable and our artists don't want to be involved in ANY Anti-Corona demonstrations. It is to dangerous to get into another shutdown only because people violates the rules, they also get other people in danger. Also even if we wanted to demonstrate, we don't want to demonstrate together with Nazis as like in late August. Even when flags and signs are prohibited.


On this point WE SAY NO to every Anti-COVID-19 Event we are invited for.


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