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DJK - German TruthRap

Truth, facts and a bit of love,  that is DJ Kaito. One of the only pansexual rappers in Germany. He is diffrent than the rappers in the charts. With his style he speaks out what he things and is going back to the roots of HipHop and Rap.

The texts wake people up and talks about problems in the country and the world in all parts of humanity.


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Release: 1st January 2021 (Germany) / 15. June (Worldwide)

Welcome to 10 Years DJ Kaito, the new Best of Album.

DJ Kaitos career started 10 Years ago back in 2011. Join him and dive in to his best songs remade for this aniversary album.


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"10 YEARS" BIG Album Release

Yesterday "10 Years" released with a big media echo. The Wolfsburger Nachrichten and their sister newspapers published a half side article in their offline and online publications.


Songs from the album are played on radio stations around the globe. UKs Radio Station Phoenix98FM got me even for an Interview and on their front page on their website.  Many people blogged about the album and I could gave interviews to some of them.


On Spotify alone the whole album got arround 500 Streams in one day.

I think even when people outside German speaking countries did'nt understand many of my lyrics, many will like the style I do on my tracks and will look into the meaning of them. From deep to fun tracks, there is room for everything in my little universe.


It is nice to have that experiance for my music. 10 years ago no one - including me - belived that I could make it that far with my music. Tanks to you out there who are follow me for that long and Hi to all people who discovered me through all of this.


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