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Release: 1st January 2021 (Germany) / 15. June (Worldwide)
Welcome to 10 Years DJ Kaito, the new Best of Album.
DJ Kaito's career started 10 Years ago back in 2011. Join him and dive in to his best songs remade for this aniversary album.



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TIMEBOX - Limited Edition Box

Limited Edition

You are screaming (since a few years) for a #Box. With the #10YEARS #Album you will get now one! Stong #Limited ! 15th June 2021! #Timebox

What's insite?
- 10 Years Album (Signed)
- "Signal Kommt" Download Card
- BLACK by Si-To MC Download Card
- Sticker, Buttons, all Buissnescards ever existsed
- Unreleased Commercial Flyer of "Last Step"
- "Unbequem Fernsehen" phone Case

and more

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